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memorial to fallen colonial troops at te ngutu o te manu reserve in the taranaki

Visiting the Battle Site at Te Ngutu o te Manu in the Taranaki

In 2016 I took a trip with a family member into the nearby Taranaki district to see the site of a little known colonial land battle near the tiny township of Normanby...

1080 pellet on stones in waterway

Poisoning our food is a time worn tactic

This post comes from our graduation exhibition in 2018. It was written and featured at

Whanganui warning sign for 1080 poison

The truth about 1080

If you read the information on 1080 poison at the Dept of Conservation's website you will be told it is harmless and dilutes and breaks down quickly in water.

a single kea bird

NZ's Kea are nearing extinction

In 2020, NZ's Greymouth Star published an article by Dr Jo Pollard, BSc (Hons), PhD, concerning the poisoning of our native Kea population.

The Huka Falls in Taupo, Central North Island NZ

Water has become 'Blue Gold'

You may not be aware perhaps that water is fast becoming the new 'gold'.

a vehicle spraying onto a grass paddock

Poisoning our environment

The year 2013 was the beginning of my introduction to NZ's prolific and disturbing use of poisons to control pests and weeds in our environment.